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Frequently Asked Questions

What is C-ran?

(July 2019) C-RAN ( Cloud-RAN ), sometimes referred to as Centralized-RAN, is an architecture for cellular networks. [1] [2] [3] Simply speaking, C-RAN is a centralized, cloud computing-based architecture for radio access networks that supports 2G, 3G, 4G and future wireless communication standards.

How to submit a package to Cran?

Please use the CRAN mirror nearest to you to minimize network load. CRAN submissions is offline from Jul 22, 2022 to Aug 5, 2022 (CRAN team vacation and maintenance work). To “submit” a package to CRAN, check that your submission meets the CRAN Repository Policy and then use the web form linked from this place once CRAN submission is open again.

Is there any third party software available for Cran?

There is also information on third party software available for CRAN Windows services and corresponding environment and make variables. Binaries of contributed CRAN packages for outdated versions of R (for R < 2.13.x; managed by Uwe Ligges). Tools to build R and R packages.

Is C-ran the future of cellular network architecture?

The main competition between small cell and C-RAN occurs in two deployment scenarios: outdoor hotspot coverage and indoor coverage. As one of the promising evolution paths for future cellular network architecture, C-RAN has attracted high academic research interest.

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