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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the James Boag brewery?

The James Boag Brewery have been brewing crisp, refreshing lagers and ales on the banks of Launceston’s Esk River since 1881, and now you have the opportunity to discover what goes into producing Tasmania’s finest beer.

Where is Boag's brewery in Launceston?

Boag’s Brewery is a much-loved Launceston attraction, for obvious reasons. Centrally located in William Street in Launceston and only a block or so from the banks of the North Esk River, Boag’s Brewery developed from what was originally the Esk Brewery. This brewery was started by Charles S. Button in 1881 and also included a cordial factory.

Why are the Boag's visitor centre and brewery tours so popular?

"The Boag's visitor centre and brewery tours are consistently ranked extremely highly by visitors to Launceston through feedback to the Launceston Visitor Information Centre and through a range of tourism review websites," Mayor Gibson said.

What to do at James Boag?

Step inside the historic brewery for a fully guided tour, exploring how James Boag’s traditional brewing process is teamed with the state-of-the-art brewery, to create their range of award-winning beers. The tour concludes with a guided tasting of 3 of James Boag’s exceptional lagers and ales, in our heritage listed James Boag Brewery Bar.

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