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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Compass Resources?

On 29 January 2009, Compass Resources went into voluntary administration, while in the process of commissioning the Brown's Oxide mine. Compass (CMR) was listed on the ASX with the fourth-largest lead deposit in the world, plus numerous other deposits with the potential value in excess of $15 billion.

How can I search the Iowa COMPASS resource database?

Happy New Year from Iowa Compass! Staff will be back in the office on Tuesday to help you search for disability-related information and resources, but you can search the online Compass Resource Database any day, any time:

Why do we partner with compass?

We are delighted to partner with Compass, as so many of our colleagues have done. The education and training Compass provides to our school and to the counselor community is invaluable. Their excellent research de-stresses rather than raise alarms.

What do you like most about compass?

Their sophomore parent testing evenings are of the highest quality – useful, comprehensive, well-researched, and delivered with compelling and fresh insight. What we value most about Compass is their integrity.

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