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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eraring Energy?

Eraring Energy was established in 2000 under the State Owned Corporations Act, 1989 (NSW) and the Energy Services Corporation Act, 1995 (NSW). Eraring Energy owned and operated the following power stations to generate electricity for sale under contract:

What is Eraring Power Station?

Eraring Power Station 1 Background on Plant. Eraring Power Station, owned by Eraring Energy, is one of two coal fired electricity power stations on the shores of Lake Macquarie, in New South Wales, Australia. 2 Upgrade. ... 3 Nonviolent direct action against Eraring. ... 4 Environmental Impact. ...

Will Origin Energy build a battery at the Eraring coal-fired power station?

Origin Energy, the owner of the Eraring coal-fired power station-the largest in Australia-shared plans to build a battery on the site after it closes in 2025.

Why do you volunteer at Eraring Power Station?

Our Eraring people, working to get energy right for our customers, community and planet. Volunteering through the Origin Energy Foundation allows Fran to grow connections with the local community and help those in need. Charmaine Bretherton left a career in finance to start work at Eraring Power Station 14 years ago.

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