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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foster's group?

Foster's Group (now Foster's Group Pty. Ltd.) was an Australian beer group with interests in brewing and soft drinks. Foster's Group Limited was based in Melbourne, Victoria and was renamed Carlton & United Breweries prior to sale to British-South African multinational SABMiller in 2011. Foster's Group was the brewer of Foster's Lager.

What is Foster's beer?

Foster's Group Pty. Ltd. was an Australian beer group with interests in brewing and soft drinks, known for Foster's Lager, now called Carlton & United Breweries since the company was renamed in 2011. Foster's was founded in 1888 in Melbourne, Victoria by two American brothers, who sold the brewery a year later.

What does foster's stand for?

Foster's Group Limited (Foster) is an Australia-based company engaged in production and marketing of alcoholic beverages. The Company operates in five segments: Carlton and United Breweries (CUB), Australia & New Zealand Wine (ANZ Wine), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA Wine), Americas Wine and Asia Wine.

What happened to foster's Group Limited shares?

Foster's Group Limited shares (ASX code: FGL) were suspended from trading on the ASX on 2 December 2011 and delisted from the ASX at close of trading on 20 December 2011. [5] On 10 October 2016 Anheuser-Busch InBev acquired SABMiller.

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