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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does LJ Hooker operate?

LJ Hooker has offices across Australia, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, LJ Hooker sold more than AUD$21 billion in real estate last year.

Who is the CEO of LJ Hooker?

In 2003, LJ Hooker purchased the real estate franchise group Olsen & Everson. In 2002, LJ Hooker opened its first offices in Indonesia, and in 2004, LJ Hooker opened offices in Mumbai, India, and Shanghai. In October 2004, Grahame Cooke stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Warren McCarthy.

Why choose LJ Hooker real estate?

Our agent was a pleasure to deal with and conducted himself in a very professional and friendly manner. We are very satisfied with the service provided by the entire team during the sale of our property. Have you read our real estate blog? LJ Hooker first opened for business in 1928 and since then we have helped millions of Australian'...

How big is LJ Hooker’s portfolio?

Last year, LJ Hooker sold more than AUD$16 billion in real estate and it manages one of largest property portfolios in the region, managing about 135,000 properties worth AUD$80 billion for investors.

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