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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps involved in accounts receivable management?

Accounts receivable management consists of the methods and processes that companies use to 1) understand from a financial perspective how much money is owed to them from their customers and 2) go about collecting the owed payments.

What are the benefits of accounts receivable management?

A successful accounts receivable management process also helps companies maintain a healthy cash flow, which is essential for avoiding shortages or, in some cases, bankruptcy. Because a business’s future revenue is based on incoming cash, avoiding delays in customer payments is paramount.

What are the risks of not practicing accounts receivable management?

Without the proper tools to back up the process, companies may face some of these common AR management challenges: Without tools for automatic billing, you’re at risk for delays in customer invoicing, which can negatively impact cash flow and liquidity.

How do organizations track and manage customer payments?

Accounts receivable (AR) management is the practice of obtaining customer payment within a given period of time. Organizations that sell products and services use AR management to ensure the proper tracking and management of every step involved in collecting payment after the customer places an order.

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