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Frequently Asked Questions

When is The Adam Project released?

The Adam Project began a limited "one night only" theatrical release on March 9, 2022 followed by its digital release on Netflix on March 11. The film received mixed reviews. In a dystopian 2050, fighter pilot Adam Reed steals a time jet to escape to 2018 to save his wife, Laura Shane.

What is the plot of The Adam Project?

The plot follows a fighter pilot (Reynolds) from the future, who goes back in time and encounters his younger self (Scobell). Production on the film first began in 2012 with Tom Cruise attached to star. The film then fell into development hell until Netflix acquired the distribution rights.

What did Adam do in the Bible ?

Adam is the father of all mankind; every human being who has ever existed is a direct descendant of Adam, and it is through Adam that every human being has inherited a sinful nature ( Romans 5:12 ). God spoke everything else in the universe into existence ( Genesis 1 ). But on the sixth day God did something different.

Who stars in The Adam Project?

The Adam Project was very entertaining ride for the whole family. Has great character roles from Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffulo and new comer Walker Scobell they all have great chemistry that even in times of this being very silly it never goes off the rails December 26, 2022 | Rating: 8.5/10 | Full Review…

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