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Frequently Asked Questions

What is architect’s Certificate of substantial completion?

AIA Document G704-2000, Architect’s Certificate of Substantial Completion, is available for the architect to document substantial completion of the entire project. There are several options for documenting substantial completion by the architect’s consultants.

Who determines the date of substantial completion for an architectural project?

The architect’s consultants are required to “assist” the architect in determining the date or dates of substantial completion for their portion of the work. This is stipulated in Section 4.5.14 of AIA Document C141-1997, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant.

What are the elements of substantial completion?

A signed substantial completion confirmation that the project is operational—but it’s also a significant risk shifting milestone. Here are the four most overlooked or even forgotten elements of substantial completion that could leave an owner scrambling: 1. Release of Retainage

What happens when a contract reaches substantial completion?

Reaching substantial completion entitles contractors to the remaining balance of the contract price, minus any retainage withheld. If a contractor is faced with non-payment after reaching substantial completion, the contractor can choose to cease work. Non-payment could even be considered a material breach of contract by the owner.

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