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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alinta Energy offer gas or electricity?

If you’re in the NEM, you have access to both electricity and gas plans available through Alinta Energy while those living in Western Australia have three natural gas plans. For customers in the National Electricity Market (NSW, Vic, Qld, and SA), Alinta Energy offers two electricity and gas plans.

How much does Alinta Gas cost in New South Wales?

Alinta Energy gas rates New South Wales HomeDeal Energy Sports Pack Energy Daily supply charge 46.75c / day 65.01c / day Usage rates 1.66 to 3.42c / MJ 1.97 to 4.06c / MJ Estimated annual cost $670 / year $830 / year

What happened to Alinta Gas?

Alinta Gas then changed its name to Alinta Limited before settling on its current name, Alinta Energy. In 2017, Alinta Energy was acquired by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and remains a subsidiary up until today.

What is the difference between Alinta Energy Fair Go 35 and 25?

Alinta Energy Fair Go 35 gives customers the biggest discount available, 35% off their gas usage charges for one year, while Fair Go 25 offers a 25% discount off their usage charge for three years so you can set and forget your gas plan.

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