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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ansarada a good company?

Ansarada continues to have an unmatched reputation for delivering quality technology products that are a force for good growth. Watch customer success stories, those blazing paths forward, protecting and realising potential.

Where is Ansarada located?

Since those early days, Ansarada has grown significantly, now comprising global offices in Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Chicago. Our secret to success lies in anticipating the future needs of the industry and meeting those needs through innovation.

What is Ansarada VDR?

A leader in cutting-edge AI data solutions, Ansarada is a VDR provider that caters to medium and large corporations, offering services for M&A deals, fundraising, asset management, audits and compliance, post-deal integration, investor reporting, and board management — among others.

What is Ansarada's virtual data room?

Historically, Ansarada's virtual data rooms have enabled the hosting, exchange and management of confidential material information between bidders and sellers during the M&A ( mergers and acquisitions) due diligence process through the Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. In January 2014, the company launched its first M&A video game.

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