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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'apex CPU time limit exceeded'?

What is ‘Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded?’ If you’ve ever encountered the error message, “Apex CPU time limit exceeded,” you’ve run afoul of Salesforce’s timeout limit for transactions based on CPU usage. The message indicates your transaction is taking too long and, therefore, has been shut down, with all completed and in-process tasks reverted.

What is Salesforce's timeout limit?

Salesforce has a timeout limit for transactions based on CPU usage. If transactions consume too much CPU time, we'll shut them down as a long-running transaction. Salesforce counts almost everything else that happens on the app server, including declarative actions.

What is Salesforce's CPU usage Governor limit?

Salesforce imposes a CPU usage governor limit for every given execution context, from 10 seconds for synchronous transactions to 60 seconds for asynchronous transactions. Simply, the combination of your Apex code and any declarative tools, including AppExchange packages, must not exceed those systemic limits.

What is CPU time in Salesforce?

CPU time is calculated for all executions on the Salesforce application servers occurring in one Apex transaction—for the executing Apex code, and any processes that are called from this code, such as package code and workflows. CPU time is private for a transaction and is isolated from other transactions.

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