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Frequently Asked Questions

What is assettocorsa content manager?’s Content Manager is helpful software that makes modding and changing settings in Assetto Corsa much easier. Content Manager aggregates most of the in-game settings you find within Assetto Corsa and brings them all into one software that allows for more granular graphics, sound, and physics tuning.

How do I get my Steam credentials to work with Assetto Corsa?

Double-click on the Content Manager.exe file: 7. Content Manager should automatically pull your Steam credentials and Assetto Corsa root directory. If it does not, then simply input your details into the Content Manager: You do not have to change anything else in this window. Click “OK”:

How do I use Assetto Corsa single-player?

You can get most of Assetto Corsa’s single-player functionality from the “Single” page in Content Manager. From here, in-game settings such as car selection, track selection, and weather type selection can easily be changed. Clicking on “Go” will immediately launch Assetto Corsa with your chosen settings already pre-loaded.

Does Assetto Corsa have custom shaders?

Assetto Corsa’s Custom Shaders Patch is slowly becoming a mandatory prerequisite for most third-party car and track mods in Assetto Corsa. Because of this, we must install the Custom Shaders Pack for Assetto Corsa on PC to accommodate future mods you wish to add to the sim racing classic.

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