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Frequently Asked Questions

Can dragfactor's cars be converted to Assetto Corsa?

This page shows the progress being made toward getting DragFactor's array of cars into Assetto Corsa. i have grasped the car conversion process but many more steps are needed to get the cars looking and driving as i would like. Please find below a large assortment ofpicture and videos of different cars converted during the initial learning process.

How to install Car Mods in Assetto Corsa?

Collection of quality car mods. All mods tested in Assetto Corsa 1.9. To install mod just copy the folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\ Steam\ SteamApps\ common\ assettocorsa\ content\ cars. Don't forget to delete previous version. Ford Sierra RS500 (Gr. A)

What cars are available for Assetto Corsa 1?

Cars for Assetto Corsa 1 Sports cars. Version 1.13 Version 5.0 (15.04.17) Version 1.15 Version 01.03.17 Version 1.2 (01.03.19) Ford Sierra RS500 (Gr. 2 Supercars. Version AC 1.9 fix (16.03.19) 3 F1 4 Race cars. Renault R.S.01 Version 0.8.9 (14.01.18) Version AC 1.9 fix (16.03.19) Version 1.1 (09.03.19) 5 Classic. ... 6 Road cars. ...

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