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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy ASX stock?

There are no guarantees in investing. But naturally, we expect to see some good, long-term returns for taking on investing risks. Both FAANG stocks and ASX gold shares have performed well this year. Right now, no one knows which one will outperform by the end of 2020 or beyond.

When does ASX market open?

The opening hours for normal trading on the ASX share market are 10am to 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). When does the ASX share market open? Normal trading on the ASX begins at 10am every weekday. In addition to the normal trading session, there are a number of other ‘phases’ that the market goes through on each trading day. Pre-open

What does the acronym ASX stand for?

The All Ordinaries Index (ASX: XAO) recovered from a disastrous 4-session, 4.3% tumble today, recording its first gain of the week with the help of these shares. They each gained more than 10% today. Impressively, some have managed to chalk up the upwards move without uttering a single word of news. The All Ordinaries Index gained 1.15% today.

Is seek limited the best tech stock on the ASX?

Xero shares have climbed nearly 60% since their March lows and made a new all-time high just yesterday of $94.31. Seek takes out the ASX tech bronze medal with an 8.2% weighting. Seek is the largest provider of online classifieds in the jobs and employment space.

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