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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alexander Scourby Bible reading app?

We know you love the word of God, but we also understand that sometimes it can be a challenge to find the time to study it. We’ve created this app so that you can have a bible reading by Alexander Scourby and focus on what’s important: your relationship with God.

Can I download the Scourby Audio Video Bible?

Of course, believes that God’s Word, however written translated or yes narrated, belongs to God and should ALWAYS be shared freely without restraint. For now, on this page you can FREELY download the Scourby Audio Video Bible from your computer and whatever manmade “copyright” infringements Pharaoh (Litchfield Associates)

What is the Scourby app?

The Scourby The audio of the entire Bible is downloaded directly to the device enabling the App to work without an internet connection. The App is resolutely designed and fastidiously fashioned. It’s not just an APP that’s technically possible, but one that’s functionally useful, and helps users redeem their Bible Study time.

What happened to the Alexander Scourby narration?

The copyright owners of the Scourby narration have revoked our right to post the Alexander Scourby narration online, we have replaced it with an equally enjoyable narration by Stephen Johnston. We apologize for the inconvenience. Alexander Scourby products are still available for sale on our Productspage.

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