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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to park at Bangor Maine Airport?

Bangor airport Long term parking lot is located just next to the Hourly lot. Reaching the terminal building from this lot is a matter of a few minutes and it’s relatively cheaper for a longer trip. But the most cost-efficient Bangor Maine airport parking option is the Shuttle Lot.

What are the downsides of Bangor Airport?

The only downside to Bangor Airport is the parking fees. Parking is a problem for a visitor because there are lots of long term parking facilities available and lots of short term parking facilities too. There are two types of Bangor airport parking: short term parking and long term parking as dictated above.

What is the Bangor downtown parking management district?

The downtown parking management district encompasses all of Bangor's "downtown" area. There are currently 12 managed parking lots and ample on street parking encompassed in this district. On street parking spots are time limited (15 minute to 4 hour). Use the map below to identify where on street parking and managed parking lots are located.

What is the best airport to fly into Bangor Maine?

Bangor International Airport has emerged as Maine’s friendly, convenient airport, and the best choice for getting to and from the Bangor region. With competitive airfares, and the lowest fees for services, such as parking, Bangor ensures the smartest travel choice.

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