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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bangor Savings Bank locations are there?

Bangor Savings Bank - 57 Locations, Hours, Phone Numbers … Verify if a check is good. Bangor Savings Bank was established on Feb. 14, 1852. Headquartered in Bangor, ME, it has assets in the amount of $3,216,706,000. Its customers are served from 57 locations.

What is Bangor Savings Bank celebrating?

In partnership with News Center Maine, Bangor Savings Bank will be celebrating athletes from all around the state of Maine for their accomplishments in sports, in the classroom, and in their community. Are you ready for a relationship all about making your business stronger? It starts here.

Are there any black-owned banks headquartered in Maine?

There aren’t any Black-owned banks headquartered in Maine, but these banks serve this area: The Harbor Bank of Maryland primarily serves the Baltimore metropolitan area. Its doors opened in 1982 where it served as the first community bank in the US to have an investment subsidiary.

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