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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bangor Savings Bank prepaid Visa gift card?

The Bangor Savings Bank Prepaid VISA Gift Card is a great gift for any occasion, with no activation or inactivity fees. It can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, including online and over the phone.* Visit a branch today! Buoy Local, a program of Bangor Savings Bank, empowers and connects locally owned businesses with local shoppers.

Does Bangor Savings Bank reimburse ATM fees?

† For certain international ATM withdrawals, due to technical limitations, we will automatically reimburse $3.00 of an ATM fee charged within three (3) business days. In those instances where the fee exceeds $3.00, please bring your ATM transaction receipt to any Bangor Savings Bank branch for the remaining reimbursement.

How do I switch my relationship to Bangor Savings Bank?

Switching your relationship to Bangor Savings Bank is quick and easy. Just follow these three simple steps. To report fraudulent transactions on your Bangor Savings Bank credit card or debit Mastercard®, or if your credit/debit card has been lost or stolen, please contact Bangor Support immediately.

How do I Activate my Bangor Savings Bank debit card?

It’s accepted at millions of merchants and 24-hour ATM locations worldwide. Call 1.800.992.3808 to activate your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard. If you are activating a NEW card, follow the prompt to select your PIN. If you are activating a replacement card, either choose your existing PIN or select a new one.

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