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Frequently Asked Questions

Will National Insurance rise go ahead?

Downing Street has insisted the planned rise in National Insurance will go ahead after a number of Tory MPs called for it to be paused or scrapped. The increase is due to come into effect in April to help fund the NHS and social care. Some Conservatives said the measure should be put on hold or reconsidered because of rising household bills.

Will National Insurance rise with reliefs on business rates ending?

Mr Cherry also warned National Insurance rising would coincide with the moment reliefs on business rates were due to end, which he said would "spell the end for a lot of small firms", unless "action is taken now".

What does the NI increase mean for the NHS?

The 1.25 percentage point increase in NI was supposed to raise £12bn a year. The government said the extra money would initially go towards easing pressure on the NHS. Some would then be moved into the social care system.

How can money for the NHS be raised?

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he suggested money for the NHS could instead be raised from the taxes on capital gains-profits made from selling certain assets-or by raising taxes on oil companies.

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