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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enter BIOS setup on a laptop?

To access the BIOS, turn on your computer and press the startup key. In most cases, this is "F2" or "Del". Change BIOS settings by using the arrow keys on your keyboard and "Enter". Turn on your computer. You'll only be able to access the BIOS upon startup.

What do you do if you can't enter BIOS setup?

Quickly press the key or keys instructed by the previous message. You may need to press the BIOS access key several times to enter BIOS. Don't hold the key down or press it too many times or your system may error or lock up. If that happens, just restart and try again.

What is the purpose of BIOS setup?

BIOS instructs the computer on how to perform basic functions such as booting and keyboard control. BIOS is also used to identify and configure the hardware in a computer such as the hard drive, floppy drive, optical drive, CPU, memory, and related equipment. The BIOS is accessed and configured through the BIOS Setup Utility.

How do you restore the factory installed BIOS settings?

Press f10 to open the BIOS Setup Utility. Select the File tab, use the down arrow to select System Information, and then press enter to locate the BIOS revision (version) and date. Use the BIOS Setup Utility to restore the factory installed BIOS settings. Select Apply Defaults and Exit .

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