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Frequently Asked Questions

What are free birthday SVGS?

Free birthday SVGs are a great way to show someone you care and to make their birthday even more special. With so many different SVGs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect one for the birthday boy or girl.

What are the best free SVG fonts?

Free SVG Fonts 1 ResotE Dream by gluk 2 BigPartyO2-Green by gluk 3 DigitaltS-Fruits by gluk 4 allah names 99 color by elharrak 5 Felichiya Collection by Jimtype Studio 6 Use Your Imagination by gluk 7 aalmaghribi color by elharrak 8 Font Svg by elharrak 9 BroshK-Fruits by gluk 10 Aljazeera color by elharrak More items...

What is SVG and how does it work?

SVG allows each character to have color, or fancy patterns that wouldn't be possible otherwise. FontSpace uses the DirectWrite renderer to provide high quality rendering for SVG.

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