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Frequently Asked Questions

Could the Colts make a big splash with a free agent signing?

The Colts could make a big splash with a free agent signing such as Bobby Wagner, Zach Cunningham or Myles Jack. But they are all older and will be more expensive than Queen.

Why do the Colts have a hole at linebacker?

As Moton wrote, the Colts now have a hole at linebacker because Okereke left in free agency. He signed a four-year, $40 million contract to join the Giants.

Will the Colts go with another veteran stopgap?

The San Francisco 49ers successfully made the play in the 2017 draft, when they enticed the Bears to go from No. 3 to No. 2 in order to secure Mitch Trubisky. The Colts are desperate to find another quarterback, and you wouldn't expect them to go with another veteran stopgap as they've had steadily diminishing returns with that strategy.

What is the Colts' first three-round mock draft post-combine?

In its first three-round mock draft post-Combine, the B/R scouting department has the Colts addressing two major needs on the offensive side of the football with its first two picks in the draft. Again, this mock happened before the Wentz trade became official, so keep that in mind here.

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