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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bramble energy?

The only fuel cell company with Gigafactories. About Us. Bramble Energy was born out of the desire to construct hydrogen fuel cells using materials and manufacturing techniques with well-established supply chains; thereby solving perhaps the greatest barriers to the adoption of fuel cells; manufacturing complexity, scale-up and cost.

What is Bramble energy's pcbfc technology?

The ambitious goal behind the creation of Bramble Energy’s PCBFC technology was to solve the inherent cost issues of traditional fuel cell technologies by using globally standardised materials and manufacturing techniques during its construction.

What happened to Brambles?

And while active stock picking... Australia's Brambles Ltd said on Thursday it had cancelled its investment in plastic pallets for customers who supply to Costco Wholesale Corp, ending a three-year old project after the companies failed to agree on pricing and commercial terms.

Is Australia's brambles weighing up an unsolicited takeover offer?

Australia's pallets and container supplier Brambles Ltd is weighing up an unsolicited takeover offer by Europe’s private equity giant CVC Capital Partners, it said on Monday, addressing media reports. "Brambles notes the engagement is preliminary, incomplete and there has been no formal proposal received from CVC," Brambles responded.

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