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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time difference between Brisbane and other cities in Australia?

Brisbane is 15 hours ahead of New York. The IANA time zone identifier for Brisbane is Australia/Brisbane. The current local time in Brisbane is 9 minutes behind apparent solar time. Latitude: -27.45.

Does Brisbane observe Daylight Savings Time?

Current time zone for Brisbane, Australia is AEST, whose offset is GMT+10. It currently does not observe Daylight Savings Time. + Sign in to save settings - it's FREE!

What time zone is Brisbane in?

Brisbane, Queensland Time Zone - is abbreviated as (AEST) Australian Eastern Standard Time. Brisbane, Queensland does not utilize Daylight Saving Time.

What is the UTC offset for Brisbane, Australia?

11:00 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) (Brisbane, Australia). Offset UTC +10:00 hours 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Offset UTC -5:00 hours Pacific Time (PT) is a general term used to describe the areas that observe either the Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) in the United States and Canada.

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