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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Brisbane's flood map?

The unexpected flooding that caused damage to thousands of homes in February 2022 has been added to a new flood map for Brisbane. Brisbane City Council’s new Flood Information Online tool provides an interactive online flood tool designed to make finding information easier.

Where can I find flood overlay codes?

These overlay codes can be found in Part 8 of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Overlay codes only apply to the area of a site within a mapped overlay area. Council has updated Flood overlay mapping in City Plan for river and creek on 28 May 2021. Find out more about the flood mapping changes to City Plan and how they may impact your property.

Which feature class is shown on the flood overlay map?

This feature class is shown on the Flood overlay map - Overland flow (map reference: OM-006.3). (a) Overland flow flood planning area sub-category. For information about the overlay and how it is applied, please refer to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 document.

Where can I find overlay maps?

Overlay maps are available in Brisbane City Council's City Plan online interactive mapping. An overlay may apply to all or part of your property. Your property may also be affected by more than one overlay. Overlays may affect the type and level of development assessment.

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