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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brisbane City Council interactive mapping tool?

The Brisbane City Council ( BCC) interactive mapping tool is the number one thing that a town planner would use what we’d recommend to use to identify what layers affect a property (e.g. zoning, overlays, neighbourhood plans, priority infrastructure plans….etc.).

How do I view amendments made to Brisbane's City Plan?

Visit the Adopted City Plan Amendments page to view amendments made to City Plan. Overlay maps are available in Brisbane City Council's City Plan online interactive mapping. An overlay may apply to all or part of your property. Your property may also be affected by more than one overlay.

What are overlays in Brisbane City Plan?

All overlays are mapped and form part of Brisbane City Plan 2014. The purpose of overlays is to identify areas that: present opportunities for development. Overlays have related overlay codes. These overlay codes can be found in Part 8 of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Overlay codes only apply to the area of a site within a mapped overlay area.

How do I find out more about Brisbane's ward maps?

View an interactive map and individual ward maps on the Electoral Commission of Queensland website. Council's online mapping service, eBIMAP2, offers comprehensive information on properties in the Brisbane area. Brisbane has a network of walking trails and shared pathways connecting to schools, shops, parks and public transport stations.

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