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How many houses have been flooded in Brisbane?

On 13 January the Brisbane River did not reach anticipated heights but still 20,000 houses in Brisbane were flooded. Some of the Brisbane neighbourhoods worst affected by the floods include St Lucia, West End, Rocklea and Graceville. The floods have damaged some of Brisbane's icons.

What happened in Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010?

One of the most devastating of recent floods in Australian history hit Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010. Thirty five people were killed, over two hundred thousand people were affected by it, and damages came to around 2.38 billion AUS dollars. It was not just one flood, but a series of them caused by bad weather in the preceding months.

What is a'major flood' in Brisbane?

By way of context, a 'major flood' is defined when the Brisbane City gauge is 3.50m or higher. Based on this definition and the chart above, the city of Brisbane experienced a major flood event from approximately 10:00am on Wednesday, 12 January until 6:00pm on Thursday 13, January - 32 hours in total.

Where did the Brisbane Broncos play in the 2011 floods?

Suncorp Stadium, home of the Brisbane Broncos in 2010 (left) and after the 2011 floods (right) [Source: NearMap Imagery]. Milton, an inner-city suburb in Brisbane in 2010 (left) and after the 2011 floods (right) [Source: NearMap Imagery]. 78% of the state of Queensland was declared a disaster zone.

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