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How many people died in the Brisbane floods?

The most horrific of these numbers was the death toll. There were 35 confirmed deaths, a number that had not been reached in Queensland since 1927. The flood waters in Brisbane peaked at 4.46 metres at 4am on Thursday, January 13, and 322 millimetres of rain was received over the Brisbane River catchment for the five days.

What happened in the 2011 Queensland floods?

A collection of oral history recordings, photographs, hand drawn maps, videos and speech notes relating to the 2011 Queensland floods and the major flood event that occurred in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley region on 10 January 2011: a flash flood (described as an 'inland tsunami') which devastatingly took 21 human lives.

What happened in Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010?

One of the most devastating of recent floods in Australian history hit Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010. Thirty five people were killed, over two hundred thousand people were affected by it, and damages came to around 2.38 billion AUS dollars. It was not just one flood, but a series of them caused by bad weather in the preceding months.

How many people died in the 2010-2011 floods?

Starting in November 2010, 97 communities were flooded or isolated by the 2010-2011 floods, with 33 people losing their lives. By the 'end' of the tragedy, 2.5 million people were impacted and the damage bill soared past $5 billion.

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