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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a teenage boy charged with murder in Brisbane?

A teenage boy has been charged with murder following the alleged stabbing of a 43-year-old man in Brisbane over the weekend. Queensland Police indicated the man had been "fatally stabbed", with his body later discovered along Newmarket Road at 1.50am on Sunday.

What happened at 10am in Brisbane?

Knifeman, 25, went on a rampage outside hotel in Brisbane at around 10am He stabbed a man in random attack before he was killed at around 10.20am The victim, 26, was taken to hospital with broken nose before he was released Police are investigating and do not know the motivation behind the assault

What happened at Emma Miller Place in Brisbane's CBD?

The group then arrived at nearby Emma Miller Place, where the boy was stabbed in the stomach, about 8:00pm. A teenager was stabbed at Emma Miller Place in Brisbane's CBD, seen here on Friday morning.

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