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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Broach tools?

You can separate most broach tools into two basic categories: push broach and pull broach. Alternatively, you can also divide broaches into internal or external broaching machines. Both push and pull broach tools use similar strategies to machine materials.

What is a rotary broaching tool?

Somma Tool's rotary broaching tools are the best way to put non-round forms into your part without having to use a secondary operation. We offer both internal and external broach holders as well as pre-centered holders which require no set-up.

What is broaching and how does it work?

For high-production applications, broaching can be a superior option. Unlike typical machining processes, broaching combines all three levels of cutting teeth into one tool or a string of similar tools: rough, semi-finish and finish cutting.

What is keyway broaching?

Keyway broaching is one of the most shocking operations in machining and this has prevented previous inserted broach tool designs from standing up to the forces required to broach internal keyways. With clients around the world, our broach tool design is proven to stand up to long production runs in any material the machining world uses.

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