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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a C130 worth?

US$67.3 million (flyaway cost, USAF, FY2014) US$100–167 million (avg. cost, international sales) Correspondingly, how much does a used C 130 cost? The Lockheed C - 130 Hercules is an American four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft designed and built originally by Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin). Lockheed C - 130 Hercules.

Which are countries using C130 aircraft?

The Austrian Air Force and Portuguese Air Force each maintain one C-130.The 15th Wing of the Belgian Air Component operates 11 C-130H models.Bulgaria’s Air Force uses three C-130K, three C-130E and Three KC-130T aircraft.Denmark currently has four C-130J models at Aalborg.More items...

Why is the C130 called Hercules?

With a squat stance, bulbous nose, four big turboprop engines, and massive fuselage, the C-130 cruises at a relatively modest 290 to 320 knots. Lockheed dubbed it "Hercules" after the mythological...

How much fuel does a C130 hold?

Wings and Fuel Tanks – The full cantilever wing contains four integral main fuel tanks and two bladder-type auxiliary tanks. Two external tanks are mounted under the wings. This gives the C-130 a total usable fuel capacity of approximately 9,530 gallons.

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