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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Café de olla?

Café de olla is a traditional Mexican coffee sweetened with piloncillo and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and star anise. It’s brewed in an olla de barro, or Mexican clay pot, that gives the coffee a unique earthy flavor. It’s traditionally used for cooking beans, soups and stews, and drinks like this coffee!

Can you add milk to Café de olla?

The two most popular varieties of coffee in Mexico are the Planchuela and Caracolillo varieties. When using these types of coffee to make Café de Olla, the addition of cinnamon and piloncillo will help to balance out the flavors. Can I add milk? You can, but it honestly takes away from café de olla and you really don't need it.

Is Cafe de olla a Burbank gem?

The food was delicious (the carne asada torta is delicious) and our waitress provide us with excellent service. Cafe de Olla is a Burbank gem! My wife and I finally made our way to this restaurant late this afternoon. We tried a couple of times before but the long lines and anticipated hour long wait made us go somewhere else.

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