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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical home warranty cost?

Most warranty providers sell several different plans with different levels of coverage and costs. In most cases, the annual average cost of a home warranty ranges from $300 to $600, which breaks down to an average monthly payment of $25 to $50. You can also expect to pay a service fee of around $60 to $100 each time a technician comes to your home.

Is choice home warranty worth it?

Unlike other home warranty plans, Choice Home Warranty charges an affordable, nominal service fee and takes care of finding a technician for you, which is more convenient than hiring someone on your own. When you have a Choice Home Warranty plan, you have access to a network of trusted, licensed and insured professionals.

Which home warranty is the best?

At 180-days, Cinch Home Services provides one of the longest labor guarantees for any company in our rating. AFC Home Club is the only company that might best it.Cinch has three plans to choose ...

Who offers the best home warranty?

The best home warranty plan is the one that suits your needs the best. We ranked American Home Shield as the Best Overall provider, but we also highly recommend Select Home Warranty, First American, Choice Home Warranty and America’s 1st Choice Home Club.

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