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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Coke logo mean?

The Coca-Cola logo has used three distinct color palettes in its history. Initially, the company used black and white color palette to portray professionalism, seriousness, class, power and purity. Later, the soft drink giant used the red and white color scheme to symbolize passion, youth, energy, love, pureness and class.

How long has the Coke logo been around?

The Coke logo first appeared in 1886 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. At this time, the Coca-Cola symbol appeared in both sans serif and in block serif. It was only in 1887 that the Coke logo began to take shape, settling on a single font style.

What colors are used in the Coca-Cola logo?

Coke Logo Color: The Coca-cola logo uses two colors only: white and red. Both colors appear vibrant on an otherwise simple design that captures the minds of young adults. The fonts are in white against a robust red background. Coke Logo Font: The Coca Cola logo font is fancy and boasts a cursive look.

What does the new Coca-Cola logo represent?

Announced in 2021, the new Coca-Cola logo has been termed “magical” and “genius” by design gurus from all around the world. The breathtaking new logo has been designed using the popular red and white color palette. The logo appears to be hugging the bottle, symbolizing good times and togetherness.

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