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Frequently Asked Questions

Who did the Colts pick in the 2022 NFL Draft?

The Colts made the following selections in the 2022 NFL Draft: Sixth round, 192nd overall (from Minnesota): Youngstown State TE Andrew Ogletree Sixth round, 216th overall (compensatory selection): Cincinnati DT Curtis Brooks Seventh round, 239th overall (from Philadelphia): Yale CB Rodney Thomas II

What teams are in the 2022 NFL Draft?

You can also follow our live draft tracker for instant analysis and grades for every pick. Here is the pick-by-pick breakdown of the 2022 NFL Draft, Round 1-7. Indianapolis Colts (from Vikings via Packers via. Raiders)

Did the Colts have the most athletic draft class?

He was the fourth tackle and 28th overall prospect at a premium position, and the Colts stopped his slide with the 77th pick. The Colts easily had the most athletic draft class by Pro Football Network's Kent Lee Platte's relative athletic score.

Why did the Indianapolis Colts draft Matt Ryan?

"Analysis: The Indianapolis Colts came into this draft with a need to improve the weaponry for Matt Ryan and hopefully land a starting tackle prospect. That was a tall ask given their draft capital, but general manager Chris Ballard ended up navigating it well.

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