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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Colts have discussions with Michael Jackson?

On March 20, ESPN's Stephen Holder reported the Colts "did not rule out having discussions with Jackson" but cautioned Indianapolis "has not taken any substantive steps regarding Jackson, and it is unclear whether it intends to do so."

Will the Colts draft a quarterback of the future this spring?

With the constant flip-flopping at quarterback, Indianapolis finished with a 4-12-1 record, its worst showing since the 2017 campaign when it went 4-12. Ryan is under contract through the 2023 season, but it's possible the Colts will finally draft a quarterback of the future this spring.

Is Lamar Jackson ready to play for the Colts?

The Colts should be ready and willing to end their cycle of lacking true long-term franchise quarterbacks since Andrew Luck retired. Lamar Jackson should want to play for a team that values most in relation to the current QB market.

Could a familiar face be back to coach the Colts?

Sounds like a familiar face could be back to help coach the Colts linebackers group under new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. The Colts are projected to make two splash free agent signings to help jumpstart Gus Bradley’s new defense. Plus a new episode of The Coltist!

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