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Frequently Asked Questions

How many preseason games do the Colts have left in 2021?

The Colts have one preseason game left in 2021 after defeating the Minnesota Vikings, 12-10, on Saturday. Check out where the team stands heading into Friday's preseason finale against the Detroit Lions with the Colts' unofficial depth chart.

Who are the most underrated players on the Colts' roster?

Stewart is one of the most underrated players on the entire Colts roster, continuing to eat up space in the middle of the defensive line. Johnson II, the fifth-round pick out of Missouri State, has been explosive in camp and is the leader for the backup nose tackle spot.

Who is the Colts WR1?

Pittman is the obvious WR1 and has looked the part in camp as the dominant wide receiver. While Campbell is listed as the starting slot, he has been on the field with Pittman when the Colts have gone to two wide receiver sets, making him WR2.

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