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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Matt Ryan returning to the Colts?

The Jeff Saturday era was marked by the return of Matt Ryan as the Colts’ starting quarterback, and a win during his first game as an NFL head coach. Since then, however, the veteran’s struggles have continued, inviting questions about another quarterback change taking place. Leslie Frazier an option for Colts head-coaching job?

Will the Colts use their first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Colts are in the midst of a head-coaching search and are also expected to use their first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft on a quarterback. They already hold the 36th-overall pick, so adding the Rams' 37th pick gives them plenty of ammo to bolster things around this new quarterback-head coach duo.

Are the Colts still a good team?

The Colts continue to feature one of the best young players offensively in the entire NFL at running back. An aging quarterback with a play style that is quickly getting replaced and an inexperienced coach leave little room for error on the field. Another Good Performance, Another Loss: The Story of the Colts Defense.

Could Reggie Wayne have been the interim coach for the Indianapolis Colts?

The Indianapolis Colts had an era of greatness under the likes of Coach Tony Dungy, which included players like Jeff Saturday and Reggie Wayne. Turns out, Reggie would have taken the interim coaching job too. For the fourth week in a row, the Colts defense held their opponent to 20 points or less.

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