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Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Colts get their running back 100% healthy?

The Colts never got their offense going with instability at the quarterback position while Taylor looked like a shell of his All-Pro self from the previous year. Getting their star running back 100% healthy is worth whatever extra time he’d need to spend on the sidelines.

What happened to Jonathan Taylor in the Colts' first quarter?

The Colts got off to a hot start in the first quarter against the Vikings, but it might have come with a cost. During the first quarter, running back Jonathan Taylor left the game and was forced to go to the locker room with an ankle injury. He was eventually ruled out for the game.

How did Zach Taylor's injury affect the Colts?

Taylor had suffered the injury in Week 4 against the Tennessee Titans and tried to play through it the rest of the way. He would still manage to play in seven of the next ten games for the Colts before sitting out the final three games for the year.

Are the Colts hiring a new head coach?

The Colts are in the process of hiring a new head coach, or at least promoting their interim coach Jeff Saturday to the position full time. Whoever takes over will be glad to see Taylor "ready to rock."

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