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Who are the best running backs in Colts history?

Featuring some of the greatest NFL running backs of all time, the best Colts RBs include Joseph Addai, Edgerrin James, Eric Dickerson, Dominic Rhodes, Buddy Young, and Marshall Faulk, among other football greats. Who are the best running backs in Indianapolis Colts history?

Who were the best running backs of the 80s and 90s?

The 7 Best Running Backs of the ‘80s & ‘90s. Walter Payton. Eric Dickerson. Marcus Allen. Barry Sanders. Thurman Thomas. Emmitt Smith. Terrell Davis. Throughout the '80s and '90s, these seven ...

Could Dorsett have won a Super-Bowl in the 80s?

Had Dallas run the Offense more through Dorsett, in the 80s, not only would they have won a Super-Bowl but Dorsett would have had much better numbers. The fact that his numbers were still elite despite this, just shows how talented he was. It’s a shame that Dorsett couldn’t capture another Super-Bowl in the 80s.

Who has the most rushing yards in NFL history?

Six of these men earned league MVP honors during their careers; Eric Dickerson is the lone exception, despite setting the single-season rushing record in 1984 with 2,105 yards, a record that still stands (Adrian Peterson came just eight yards shy of the record in 2012, although it was enough to earn him an MVP award).

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