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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Saturday a good head coach for the Colts?

Hickey: It has gone about as expected. If anything, the Colts have shown there truly is a natural process to becoming a head coach. Saturday is a solid motivator and was a smart player. He certainly knows the game and does have the potential to be a successful head coach. But he’s making mistakes that even typical rookie head coaches tend to avoid.

Should the Colts' defense thrive?

Considering the blitz-happy nature of Wink Martindale’s defense, they should thrive. The other issue is that the Colts’ quarterbacks have an affinity for taking sacks. Foles is a statue behind the line of scrimmage and showed in Week 17 that he still holds the ball far too long in the pocket.

Should the Colts trade for Baker Mayfield?

The Colts are still Baker Mayfield's preferred trade destination. The QB market is waiting on Deshaun Watson. Should the Colts trade for Jimmy Garoppolo? load more...

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