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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you burn coltsfoot for salt?

Coltsfoot, a common weed, can be burned for salt. The leaves are first dried, and then tightly rolled. They’re lit at one end and slowly burned over a container that catches the ash. Once the plant matter has burned away, you’re left with the mineral salts accumulated by the plant.

What is a coltsfoot plant?

Coltsfoot plants (Tussilago farfara) are about as common as dandelions, and chances are you pass one at some point on a daily basis, even in urban environments. They’re so common that once you know how to identify them, you’ll see them everywhere you go. Coltsfoot especially loves poor, degraded and compacted soils along roadsides.

What is coltsfoot salt used for?

The resulting ash is very salty and can be used in the wilderness to season food.” Then a while later, I came across a reference to coltsfoot salt in Foods of the Americas: Native Foods and Traditions, which was put out by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

Is coltsfoot a dandelion?

Coltsfoot is often mistaken for the dandelion plant. TThe flowers and leaves are the primary parts of the plant that are used for medicinal purposes, and the roots are usually avoided. The flowers die before the leaves appear, which is how coltsfoot originally got one of its name, Filius ante patrem, which translates to “the son before the father.”

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