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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coltsfoot used for in astrology?

Coltsfoot has been used as in love, tranquility and money spells and burned during divination rites. It is also burned in divinatory and healing incense. Coltsfoot corresponds to the element of water and the planet Venus Both flowers and leaves make an excellent cough remedy in conjunction with horehound, licorice, and marshmallow.

What are the health benefits of coltsfoot?

Test-tube and animal studies link coltsfoot to several health benefits. Coltsfoot is often used as a natural remedy for inflammatory conditions like asthma and gout, a type of arthritis that causes swelling and joint pain.

How do you use coltsfoot tea?

Hot or cold coltsfoot tea compresses can be applied to swollen areas, and a cool such compress is soothing on the forehead or stomach when one has a fever. A poultice of the leaves or flowers can be applied to eczema, sores, ulcers and insect bites.

Why is it called a colt's foot?

The common name comes from the leaf's supposed resemblance to a colt's foot. Other common names include tash plant, ass's foot, bull's foot, coughwort (Old English), farfara, foal's foot, foalswort and horse foot. Sometimes it is confused with Petasites frigidus, or western coltsfoot.

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