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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coltsfoot Rock?

WHAT IS COLTSFOOT ROCK? Coltsfoot Rock is a very special confectionery product created from Coltsfoot extract and the recipe is solely produced by Stockley's! Coltsfoot Rock is a paste dried hardened stick which is infused with Coltsfoot extract, a natural ingredient from a plant that has hoof-shaped leaves!

Does Stockley's sweets make Coltsfoot Rock?

Interesting Fact: While many companies sell this product and apply their label to its packaging, Stockley's Sweets is the only manufacturer of Coltsfoot Rock and therefore all Coltsfoot Rock that is consumed around the world is derived from our factory! Check out our shop to buy the product from us!

Is sweet coltsfoot a perennial?

Sweet Coltsfoot is an herbaceous perennial native to the Pacific Northwest and Canada. The plant produces tall flowering stems in the early spring, and broad loved leaves in the summer. Sweet Coltsfoot is dioecious, meaning that each plant produces either male or female flowers.

Is coltsfoot good for cooking?

Coltsfoot is best either as a fresh or dried herb. If you want to use fresh coltsfoot, harvest the flowers at the peak of their blooming season in early spring. The leaves that appear after the bloom are also ideal for harvest in late spring. Green and healthy leaves are best for cooking and infusion.

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