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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert video to 60fps?

Convert Video to 60fps Click the Parameter settings button and go to the Frame Rate and choose 60fps. You can also customize frame rate as 120fps to convert video to 120fps. Tips: You can also change video resolution to convert video to 4K 60fps, convert bit rate, adjust aspect ratio, and increase volume in the Parameter Settings Window. Step 4.

Why are 4k videos so popular?

21 Nowadays, 4k technology allows people to enjoy a very detailed screen of videos, and the 4K videos get more and more popular. While if you get the 4K videos, you may come across 4K video incompatibility issues, or you may simply not have enough space to store the 4k videos, as these files are always too large.

What do I need to convert video or audio online?

All you need is an internet connection. Convert video online or convert audio online in the cloud 30 times faster without installing any software. Convert anywhere and anytime in a couple of clicks from any PC or smartphone. We support the conversion of multiple files at the same time, which speeds up the conversion time.

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