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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert YouTube video to 60 fps?

Second, open it to access its main interface and go to the “Video Converter” section. Then, click the “Folder” icon to upload the video you want to convert. Third, tap the “Gear” icon to select the “Edit” icon to see the tool’s advanced settings. Fourth, click the “Frame Rate” dropdown menu to select 60FPS.

Why do animations look better in 60 fps?

Animations in 60FPS look a lot more natural and aesthetic. The smooth motion makes much more sense as it makes a lot of difference for the viewer. Most animations have non-linear motion which is quite difficult to interpolate.

What do I need to convert video or audio online?

All you need is an internet connection. Convert video online or convert audio online in the cloud 30 times faster without installing any software. Convert anywhere and anytime in a couple of clicks from any PC or smartphone. We support the conversion of multiple files at the same time, which speeds up the conversion time.

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