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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coverage D in a home insurance policy?

In the event of sudden disaster resulting in property damage or loss that makes the dwelling uninhabitable, Coverage D on a homeowner’s policy helps to offset the cost of living away from home. This is why Coverage D is also known as loss of use insurance or use coverage; it serves to help when a homeowner loses the use of the home.

What is the Coverage D limit on a homeowner's policy?

There is an overall limit to the amount that can be paid on a claim for personal property loss under Coverage D on a homeowner’s policy. This is usually around 20% of your home’s declared value on the policy. So, if your house is valued at $500,000, the overall Coverage D limit is $100,000.

What is standard coverage for home insurance?

What It Covers: Dwelling coverage protects the structural components of your home from damage and covers in the event of damage to the home that impacts walls, floors, ceilings, home systems, and more. When It Applies: This type of coverage will usually apply in the event of damage from theft, vandalism, fire, explosions, windstorms, and lightning.

What is the minimum recommendation for homeowners?

Standard Coverage: Standard policies will usually limit Coverage B to 10% of the replacement cost of the home, which is also the general industry’s minimum recommendation for homeowners.

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