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Frequently Asked Questions

What does coverage mean?

coverage noun [U] (PROTECTION) the state or condition of being protected from financial loss, damage, accident, or having something stolen; insurance: I’ve got $50,000 worth of coverage for the contents of my house. (Definition of coverage from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Does APA PsycINFO cover international journals?

APA PsycInfo covers journals published world-wide. We actively seek new quality journals in electronic format, and we encourage you to submit your journals for evaluation. Is it covered already? Please check our online journal coverage list to see if APA PsycInfo is currently indexing your journal. If you have questions, email APA PsycInfo.

What is the difference between ISI and Scopus journals?

Many journals are featured in both databases, so there is no intrinsic difference in the journals, aside from their being featured in one database or the other or both. Scopus has a broader journal coverage, meaning that most “ISI journals” are also “Scopus journals” but traditionally ISI has a more elitist approach to including journals.

How is a journal evaluated?

Each journal, before it is accepted for coverage, goes through a rigorous evaluation. In addition to a thorough review of the content, the evaluation committee requires a publication to answer questions about its peer-review process, business practices, and other publishing details.

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