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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix devices and printers applet not opening in Windows 10?

The Devices and Printers applet might not open if there are corrupted or interrupted files. You can repair corrupted files with the System File Checker utility in Windows. This is how you can scan with the SFC in Windows 10. Open Cortana’s search box by pressing its Type here to search button. Enter ‘Command Prompt’ in the search box.

Why is my printer not working on Windows 10?

In case it is the incompatible printer, scanner driver that causes devices and printers not to work on Windows 10, you may as well make sure all your device drivers are updated. Also, the latest drivers can enhance the performance of your printer and many other devices.

Why can't I open devices and printers applet in corrupted user accounts?

The Devices and Printers applet might not open in corrupted user accounts. Try opening Devices and Printers in an alternative account. You can set up a new user account in Win 10 as follows. Press the Settings button on the Start menu. Select Accounts > Family & other people to open the settings shown directly below.

How to manage devices and printers in Windows 10?

Devices and printers manage all the devices such as your external speakers, monitors, keyboards, Phones, printers, scanners and other USB external devices. You can open devices and printers in the control panel or from Printers & Scanner > Devices and Printers. And here you can add a printer, phone or speaker or Windows 10.

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